Spiritual Lifecoaching

<3 My calling is to guide others into becoming their own teacher so that they can create harmony and purpose in life.

Living 26 years of my life being consumed by addiction, anxiety, panic attacks and having complete lack of understanding of myself, I knew enough was enough.

Opening my heart to meditation, introspection and energy work, I connected deeply to the spirit inside of me which guided me out of the darkness and changed who I was completely and I’m here to teach others how to do it for themselves.

Venture into the many incredible techniques and tools out there at your disposal which allow you to become the true loving soul that you are.

Educate yourself with powerful spiritual teachings for you to start healing trauma's from this lifetime and others.

Connecting you to these spiritual practices

- Spiritual Knowledge
- Meditation & Breathwork
- Grounding & Nature
- Shadow Work
- Astrology
- Numerology
- Tarot Readings
- Psychic Readings
- Akashic Records
- Astral Travel
- Conscious Media

Energies I have worked with personally

- Panic Attacks
- Gaming Addiction
- Breakups
- Drug Addiction
- Depression
- Porn & Sex Addiction
- Anxiety
- Abandonment

? What will I receive during my session
This depends entirely where you are currently in your stage of life.
During the Introductory phone call we will have a discussion which will guide us into knowing what will work best for you. A deeper understanding of your energy is now within your grasp!

- Energy Exchange - €37/£33 per hour

- Free introductory phone call
- Quick & Easy booking of sessions through my website

<3 Thank you so much for reading

Deer Spirit Healing
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1 to 1 online talk sessions with Julie, on video, from the comfort of your own home. Julie has over 20 years experience as a Reiki Teacher, mentor and metaphysical expertise. Explore your Consciousness Healing is bespoke to you and can cover:
​tools to help you heal and stop you from fearing
advice on areas for self-improvement and personal spiritual growth
new ways of changing the way you feel in order to improve your life
ideas to realise your mission and targets in life.
open and confidential discussion about anything that worries you, from the mental/emotional right through to the spiritual and paranormal.
divination in the form of dowsing and oracle card readings
astrological tips pertinent to you

99 Cotefield Drive
Leighton Buzzard LU7 3DN
Geraldine Macé, Life Transition Coaching

Working with clients struggling with difficult life transitions such as bereavement, relationship breakdown, job loss, empty nest etc. Creating a safe space to support clients as they navigate the transition and help to plan a bright new future

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Life Transitions Coaching and Online Community
Life Transitions Coaching is a process that enables you to navigate times of transition, work through blocks that may be holding you back and chart a new course in life. Times of transition can feel very stressful and anxiety provoking, as you leave the familiar behind and face the unknown.
I offer the following packages:
Mini Coaching Package (3 sessions)
In-depth Life Transitions Coaching Package (8 sessions)

Healing Connections Community is an online forum for people experiencing major life transitions. Here you will have the opportunity to connect with like-minded others and feel supported during times of personal change. It’s a place where you can feel part of a caring community during these challenging times that we’re living in. Basic membership is free.
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The Forge, Tore,
Muir of Ord IV6 7RZ
Intuitive Coaching – Holistic Psychology

Hi I’m Aariya,
Intuitive Coach, Holistic Psychologist & Mum of two.
*I support women to overcome states such as anxiety, stress, depletion and exhaustion. Through helping you to shine a light on your shadow, integrate trauma, identify emotional wounds and let go of stuck energy…

*This is a journey back to YOUR TRUEST SELF. To feel more energised, harmonious, and tuned into your creative essence.

*I take a HOLISTIC APPROACH, empowering you to re-connect with your inner wisdom. Supporting you to create nourishing daily practices.

*I specialise in parenting, the motherhood journey, integrating trauma, identifying limiting beliefs that create stuck energy patterns, inner child work, overcoming burnout & supporting re-connection with your creative flow.

*If this resonates and you feel called to get in touch, send me an email or give me a call for a mini consultation.

Irachobel Healing Space

Spiritual Coach, Soul Plan Practitioner and Tarot Reader

The Happiness Guy
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Life Coach specialising in personal wellbeing, relationships, stress and anxiety, habit change and becoming the best version of you.

The Pentagon Centre, Suite 225F, 36 Washington Street
Glasgow G3 8AZ
Amanda Green, Transformation Coach
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Bringing Emotional & Spiritual Intelligence to Leadership

I am Amanda Green and my work is a unique blend of psychology and spirituality to empower you on your journey of transformation and personal leadership through 121 coaching and group workshops.