June Meagher AAMAR Healing
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June Meagher has been teaching Reiki & Spiritual Healing for over 20 years.

1 Heol Bowys
Llanfair Caereinion SY21 0BU
Alice Lapeta Healer in her office

Intuitive energy healer, Ayurvedic consultant and Angelic Reiki Teacher who specialises in trauma and chronic illness.

Angel Academy Holistics

A healing gem right in the heart of Manchester City centre. Holistic Therapist, Angel Communicator and TV Presenter Kris Meredith brings you a new healing destination. Treatments include Angelic Reiki, Crystal Healing and one to one Angel Card Readings. Come and experience healing like never before at Angel Academy Holistics and I look forward to meeting you soon.

Apartment 46, No 1 City Gate, Blantyre Street,
Manchester M15 4JT
Awaken The Woman
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I work with women reconnecting to their body and sexuality, particularly after difficult relationships or trauma. I provide a gentle, loving space for you to rediscover your desires, your body and yourself. A space of learning and exploration that's entirely for you and where you can choose from coaching, embodiment, bodywork and tantric yoga approaches. I offer a free 60 minute friendly chat, where you can discover what's possible, with no obligations.

Bruno Groening Circle of Friends

The Bruno Groening Circle of Friends is a German Charity that organizes world wide free lectures on the following topic:

Help and Healing on the Spiritual Path through the Teaching of Bruno Gröning – medically verifiable!
• What the people of all advanced civilizations knew
• What famous doctors of modern times (Paracelsus, Hahnemann …) used
• What science confirmed through some fundamental discoveries:
There is a higher power that is the basis of all living things and it can heal!
Bruno Gröning called it life force, healing power, 'Heilstrom' or the divine power. He had a very exact intuitive knowledge of it, which through his simple teaching he made available for everyone.

The Bruno Gröning Circle of Friends is an association of people who have experienced help and healing through taking in this, today largely forgotten, natural healing power. All over the world, the teaching of Bruno Gröning is passed on independently of religious and national affiliation.

Through an appropriate body posture and spiritual openness, each person can receive the divine power themselves. This physically perceptible Heilstrom can bring about help and healing, even in cases of chronic, degenerative and serious organic diseases.

"Trust and believe. The divine power helps and heals." (Bruno Gröning)
Large numbers of the healings are recorded along the lines of a medical case history. The Medical Scientific Group (MWF) in the Bruno Gröning Circle of Friends, a forum of several thousand doctors and other health care professionals, checks the reports and when possible, provides documentation with a physician’s commentary based on medical findings of independent doctors.

Guided by Essence
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I share messages from your Higher Self to bring comfort, healing, clarity and guidance. Messages come directly from your Higher Self – a space of Unconditional Love and Truth. A session is in a safe, non judgemental space. A 60 min session is £85. To book a session please email [email protected]

Healing By Sav
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Hi there, I'm Sav!

Healing by Sav started from a young woman who’s had rough start to life took the leap into healing past and recent traumas which is a lot harder than it sounds, lots of brain rewiring, unraveling and processing, going back on memories that were too painful to even by pass

I’m passionate about teaching those with traumas that they are not what they went through and embrace that Quantum Transformation through self healing, we have the power within ourselves

Fast forward to now, I made the decision to become a Quantum healer, knowing what I went through and how others go through the same thing made me realise how much I want to help transform lives through energy healing

More bespoke programmes are currently in the works. Feel free to reach out, and together we can tailor a unique healing journey specifically for you

All healing sessions are done remotely

Heart Medicine with Charlie Thomas

‘Heart Medicine with Charlie Thomas’ provides the holistic healing therapies of Intuitive Energy Healing & Card Readings.

Intuitive Energy Healing
Led by my heart, and guided by spirit, I combine the healing therapies of Reiki and Crystal healing with Shamanic healing techniques into what I call Intuitive Energy Healing. Ideal for relaxation and peace of mind, or if you feel the call it can be used for deep heart healing and a greater connection to self.

Oracle & Tarot Card Readings
Attuned intuitively to the divine truth and inspiration that a card reading can offer, I create a safe space of discovery for you. Ideal if you are seeking guidance and clarity in an area of your life, or if you feel the call to dig deeper a reading can be used to explore your shadows and excavate parts that no longer serve you.

Can I be of service to you? Are you seeking..
-relaxation & peace of mind
-guidance & clarity
-a safe space for discovery
-a greater connection to self
-deep heart healing

All of my services are available online, in my studio space (Eastleigh, Hampshire) and depending on location I am able to travel to you.

A little about me, I have been reading cards and practicing aspects of Intuitive Energy Healing for the last five years. My journey is ongoing, a path I will ever be walking. As I continue to grow and work on developing myself, I envisage the shifts and expansions in what it is I will give the world. At present, I offer up heart medicine.

Ask yourself, how does your heart feel? I make available a safe space for you to connect more deeply with yourself, with your truth.

I am guided by my intuition, and my connection to spirit. I draw on my own life experiences, from the messy to the beautiful.

I’m a witch. I’m a healer. A combination of stardust and dirt. I weave the magick with the mundane. A rebel. A beacon of light. A catalyst for change. I am a believer in all faiths. I walk the the space in-between. I’m my own hero, and I hold out my hand for you to rise up to be yours.

Stand in your power, stand in your grace. Love wildly and live with unwavering passion. Look into those deepest of hidden places you hold within, and begin to heal.

You hold the key to setting yourself free, I am here to help you on the journey to illuminate your darkness and discover the lock.


Clare Church

Healing Reiki, Activations, NegativeEnergy Removals, Crystals
Readings…Angel Cards, Tarot
Teaching Spiritual Path courses linked to Mystery School

Draycote Rd
Waterlooville PO89HT
Robert Perry: The Art of Healing

Energy healing, spiritual guidance toward ascension and soul purpose, life coaching through tarot. All services are offered online currently.

10 Southwood Court, Bigwood Road
London NW11 6SR