Emotions.market – a classified ad board for emotional experiences

Welcome to Emotions Market—an exclusive classified ad board committed to uniting individuals with transformative, multisensory experiences that evoke a range of emotions. Positioned at the crossroads of Plutchik's wheel of emotions and the three laws of multisensory experiences by Velasco and Obrist, our platform is where skilled experience creators meticulously design and orchestrate immersive encounters to provide recipients with both emotional release and enrichment.

Drawing inspiration from Plutchik's wheel of emotions and guided by the principles outlined by Velasco and Obrist, our creators go above and beyond, crafting experiences that transcend the ordinary and have a profound impact on the emotional well-being of participants. These thoughtfully designed encounters serve as a unique source of emotional release and enrichment, fostering the preservation and enhancement of meaningful relationships.

At Emotions Market, we firmly believe in the transformative power of emotions, and our platform serves as a conduit for those in search of meaningful and impactful experiences. Join us on a journey to explore the vast spectrum of emotions through our carefully curated and diverse offerings.

Video Marketing Ltd, The Granary, Hermitage Court
Maidstone ME16 9NT
Endulge Holistic Therapy

We are a professional holistic therapy service based in Southampton City Centre. We provide a range of holistic and complementary face and body treatments in, and around Southampton. We provide a range of results-driven therapeutic treatments such as facial, massages, waxing, manicures, reflexology and more. We offer flexibility and convenience in the way we approve your healing, rejuvenation and relaxation needs.

17 Commercial Road
Southampton SO15 1GF
Heart Medicine with Charlie Thomas

‘Heart Medicine with Charlie Thomas’ provides the holistic healing therapies of Intuitive Energy Healing & Card Readings.

Intuitive Energy Healing
Led by my heart, and guided by spirit, I combine the healing therapies of Reiki and Crystal healing with Shamanic healing techniques into what I call Intuitive Energy Healing. Ideal for relaxation and peace of mind, or if you feel the call it can be used for deep heart healing and a greater connection to self.

Oracle & Tarot Card Readings
Attuned intuitively to the divine truth and inspiration that a card reading can offer, I create a safe space of discovery for you. Ideal if you are seeking guidance and clarity in an area of your life, or if you feel the call to dig deeper a reading can be used to explore your shadows and excavate parts that no longer serve you.

Can I be of service to you? Are you seeking..
-relaxation & peace of mind
-guidance & clarity
-a safe space for discovery
-a greater connection to self
-deep heart healing

All of my services are available online, in my studio space (Eastleigh, Hampshire) and depending on location I am able to travel to you.

A little about me, I have been reading cards and practicing aspects of Intuitive Energy Healing for the last five years. My journey is ongoing, a path I will ever be walking. As I continue to grow and work on developing myself, I envisage the shifts and expansions in what it is I will give the world. At present, I offer up heart medicine.

Ask yourself, how does your heart feel? I make available a safe space for you to connect more deeply with yourself, with your truth.

I am guided by my intuition, and my connection to spirit. I draw on my own life experiences, from the messy to the beautiful.

I’m a witch. I’m a healer. A combination of stardust and dirt. I weave the magick with the mundane. A rebel. A beacon of light. A catalyst for change. I am a believer in all faiths. I walk the the space in-between. I’m my own hero, and I hold out my hand for you to rise up to be yours.

Stand in your power, stand in your grace. Love wildly and live with unwavering passion. Look into those deepest of hidden places you hold within, and begin to heal.

You hold the key to setting yourself free, I am here to help you on the journey to illuminate your darkness and discover the lock.


Intuitive Coaching – Holistic Psychology

Hi I’m Aariya,
Intuitive Coach, Holistic Psychologist & Mum of two.
*I support women to overcome states such as anxiety, stress, depletion and exhaustion. Through helping you to shine a light on your shadow, integrate trauma, identify emotional wounds and let go of stuck energy…

*This is a journey back to YOUR TRUEST SELF. To feel more energised, harmonious, and tuned into your creative essence.

*I take a HOLISTIC APPROACH, empowering you to re-connect with your inner wisdom. Supporting you to create nourishing daily practices.

*I specialise in parenting, the motherhood journey, integrating trauma, identifying limiting beliefs that create stuck energy patterns, inner child work, overcoming burnout & supporting re-connection with your creative flow.

*If this resonates and you feel called to get in touch, send me an email or give me a call for a mini consultation.

Lisa J- Healing and Spiritual Practice

Healing and Spiritual practice in Milton Keynes where you are invited to heal and grow.
Illuminate your life with Ancient Activations, Healings and Magick – Step into your Godhood and Live Life Alive!

85 Selkirk Drive
Milton Keynes MK14 6FH
Path Retreats
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Path Retreats is world renowned for delivering supportive, incredibly powerful, and revolutionary healing retreats and meditation workshops which change people’s lives forever. We offer retreats in 14 countries and in six languages!

St David's Court, Union Street,
Wolverhampton, West Midlands, United Kingdom WV1 3JE
Sakura Energy Healing
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Hello, and welcome to Sakura, as an energy healer, my goal is to enable you to begin your own journey to healing, experiencing the many benefits of restorative energy healing. I am a Pellowah & Seichem Reiki Practitioner, I also offer spiritual life coaching and space clearing.

New Church Road 233
Hove BN3 4EE
Selenite Soul
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Umbrella of Spiritual,Holistic and Wellbeing offering Mini Retreats,Workshop,Psychic Evenings and Events

What If? What if there really is a solution to your pain, are you ready to release yours?
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A spiritual coach and healer, transforming people's deep rooted beliefs they have about themselves, healing them at a soul level.

Re-instating self confidence, self worth and self belief, giving them self power to allow themselves to move forward, in order to make those positive life changes that will improve their everyday life, also giving them the confidence to make bigger changes if that is what they are searching for.

Appointments are available online and in-person, please see my website for details.

01476 870216
Grantham NG32 1JP
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Spiritual healing with hypnotherapy combines hypnosis and spiritual principles to address spiritual imbalances. It involves relaxation, accessing the subconscious mind, exploring spirituality, resolving blocks, and empowering individuals for ongoing healing. It is a complementary approach and works best when integrated with other therapies.

Suite 45, Royal Mail House, 46, Terminus Terrace,
Southampton Central SO14 3FD