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Welcome to Emotions Market—an exclusive classified ad board committed to uniting individuals with transformative, multisensory experiences that evoke a range of emotions. Positioned at the crossroads of Plutchik's wheel of emotions and the three laws of multisensory experiences by Velasco and Obrist, our platform is where skilled experience creators meticulously design and orchestrate immersive encounters to provide recipients with both emotional release and enrichment.

Drawing inspiration from Plutchik's wheel of emotions and guided by the principles outlined by Velasco and Obrist, our creators go above and beyond, crafting experiences that transcend the ordinary and have a profound impact on the emotional well-being of participants. These thoughtfully designed encounters serve as a unique source of emotional release and enrichment, fostering the preservation and enhancement of meaningful relationships.

At Emotions Market, we firmly believe in the transformative power of emotions, and our platform serves as a conduit for those in search of meaningful and impactful experiences. Join us on a journey to explore the vast spectrum of emotions through our carefully curated and diverse offerings.

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Intuitive Coaching – Holistic Psychology

Hi I’m Aariya,
Intuitive Coach, Holistic Psychologist & Mum of two.
*I support women to overcome states such as anxiety, stress, depletion and exhaustion. Through helping you to shine a light on your shadow, integrate trauma, identify emotional wounds and let go of stuck energy…

*This is a journey back to YOUR TRUEST SELF. To feel more energised, harmonious, and tuned into your creative essence.

*I take a HOLISTIC APPROACH, empowering you to re-connect with your inner wisdom. Supporting you to create nourishing daily practices.

*I specialise in parenting, the motherhood journey, integrating trauma, identifying limiting beliefs that create stuck energy patterns, inner child work, overcoming burnout & supporting re-connection with your creative flow.

*If this resonates and you feel called to get in touch, send me an email or give me a call for a mini consultation.

Peace in the Park - the beauty of connecting with nature
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Events based on forest bathing and nature spirit for peace, healing and spiritual development. We meet outside in the woods / parks for our wellbeing and to reconnect with our nature self. Here we find the answers to issues, heal our lives and build resilience to stress and anxiety, while taking our personal spiritual practice to a deeper level. An all round mind, body and soul experience.

07712 005769
In the woods
Sakura Energy Healing
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Hello, and welcome to Sakura, as an energy healer, my goal is to enable you to begin your own journey to healing, experiencing the many benefits of restorative energy healing. I am a Pellowah & Seichem Reiki Practitioner, I also offer spiritual life coaching and space clearing.

New Church Road 233
Hove BN3 4EE
Wisdom Works
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Exploring Universal Spirituality

Delve deep into the timeless corridors of universal spirituality, the essence of purpose, and the fundamental nature of reality.

In these engaging sessions, we transcend the boundaries of conventional thought, drawing upon ancient philosophical texts that have stood the test of time. We unravel the enigmatic threads woven into the fabric of existence, seeking profound insights into the mysteries of our being.

Join us and become a part of this vibrant tapestry of thought, where intellectual curiosity meets the wisdom of ages past.

About Nitesh Gor
Nitesh Gor is Chief Executive of Avanti Schools Trust. His experience encompasses CEO and director roles across the exploration, management consultancy and investment banking industries.

Nitesh's journey into spirituality began with ancient tales, spurring curiosity. A significant turning point came during a trip to India at age six which exposed him to mysticism and prompted profound questions on religion and spirituality.

Following this, Nitesh's path was filled with a number of profound milestones, constantly looking to balance a career with spiritual exploration and authoring "The Dharma of Capitalism".

Fatherhood triggered him to begin thinking about education. As he began exploring options, he was left feeling disappointed with the lack of a holistic approach in the education system and decided that it was time to establish a school that was based on spiritual principles and valued character formation, while also delivering education excellence. Balancing a career with spiritual exploration, he authored "The Dharma of Capitalism." His leadership at Avanti earned him an OBE in 2018.

Nitesh's influence extends beyond education, inspiring ventures like the Vedanta and OMNOM. His latest book, "Before Religion," advocates spiritual inclusivity beyond sectarian divides.

n.b. If this is your first event, it will be without charge and thereafter it will be £10 per session.

Islington Square, 116N Upper St,
London N1 1QP