June Meagher AAMAR Healing
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June Meagher has been teaching Reiki & Spiritual Healing for over 20 years.

1 Heol Bowys
Llanfair Caereinion SY21 0BU
Anam Hara
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Spiritual Training courses and coaching

The Soul Place 2 School Hill
Leuchars, St. Andrews KY16 0HQ
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Spiritual art, words & guidance to help you thrive. You can break through limitations. Transform your home, your mindset, and your life. Enjoy timeless, hand-made art, helpful human-written true stories, and personal spiritual guidance. Your potential is limitless. I am honoured to help you be all you can be.

I'm Jamie, an artist and writer living off-grid in the wilderness. Welcome to my website. I'm glad you came. My work stems from a lifetime of adventure in enlightening situations. I document my wellness journey within my art and words. Everything I create gives you practical insights yourself. I'm also a huge fan of nature and spirituality. I even got certified as a spiritual teacher. So I can help you overcome adversity and thrive with spiritual guidance.

Jason Goldsworthy CSNU

I offer mediumship & psychic readings, workshops, courses and mentorships both in real live and online.

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Lage 49828
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Welcome To Krisallis!
Just like a caterpillar transform into a beautiful butterfly so can you. Be Transform! We strive continually to leave you with the best feelings and great impressions on every visit. Browse our programs, book a spiritual healing session or business coaching session with our founder Lisa Anderson. We appreciate your trust and time. We aim to make every moment of your time as enjoyable as possible!

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96 Kings Road London E65 0QL
London E65 0QL
Listen To Hear
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Listen To Hear is ran by an experienced Clairaudient (clear hearing of spirit)medium. Online development courses for activating Clairaudience and spiritual communication. Mini spiritual readings offered as well as an Ebook 'Knowing is Beyond Belief'. Having ran successful development courses there is now the opportunity to purchase online development courses fully comprehensive and also the offer of a payment plan so that the courses are available to everyone.

Louise Hallam
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Intuitive Consultant, Spiritual Advisor, Keeper of Ancient Wisdom. Working with senior leaders and changemakers who want to use their sensitivity as their superpower, embrace their weirdness and stand out, not fit in

There is a light inside you waiting to be ignited. To show you everything that you came to be.

To be Loved, Guided, Supported and Connected

Connected to the self and other humans. Your soul purpose is calling you and you just have to say ‘yes’. Yes with your heart, mind, body and soul.

You are ready to forgive yourself for being on the wrong path and to listen to your inner voice.

The one that is calling you back home to where you belong. You are ready to change and the calling has brought you here. You are ready, but you know that you can’t take the journey alone.

When you are being given the opportunity to step into all that you are, there is no hesitation, no regret, no fear, only a knowing.

You are about to come face to face with your destiny. so congratulate yourself for having the courage to take the first step.

You are ready to use your unique gifts and talents to support the great change.

Online ancestral healing for changemakers and spiritual leaders releasing ancestral patterns, beliefs and trauma
£347 delivered over 90 minutes

Love Ameca
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Unity of the divine journey
Spiritual love & healing
Completion of the divine union
Truth adapting to change
Unity and fulfilment • Partnership Harmony

Love Ameca
London W10 5YU
Penny Francis Medium
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Sharon Psychic Medium. The Essex Spiritual Centre.

Psychic Reading | Psychics Online | Tarot Reading | Tarot Online.
Owner Of The Essex Spiritual Centre. Sharon Psychic Medium.
Free Psychic Readings Online. Free Tarot Readings Online. Psychic Reader and Tarot Reader providing Private Readings and Group Readings Online and Around Essex, Suffolk, Sudbury, Cambridge And London.
Spiritual Awakenings can be nurtured with Sharon. Psychic Classes Online, Spiritual Development Classes in Essex. Beginners Tarot, Beginners Mediumship and Beginners Witchcraft Available as well as Advanced Tarot and Advanced Mediumship.
Reiki Master Teacher not only providing Reiki In Essex, you can now join Reiki 1, Reiki 2, Reiki 3 and Tutor Courses In Braintree.
I believe that everyone has the potential to improve their life, yet sometimes we do not have access to the information we need in order to make them improvements.

My abilities and experience working Internationally as a Public Medium helps you to tap into the energy systems that are with you daily. We touch on important details from past, present and future events enabling us to provide useful information links in order to make impactful life changes to ourselves and others through readings and learning.

Explore my site below, and see how I can help you improve your own life or the lives of others today through a personal reading or development with "Sharon Psychic Medium".

Private Psychic Readings. Group Tarot Readings and Spiritual Development Online and Physical With Essex Psychic Sharon.
All Your Spiritual Needs Can Be Arranged Right Here.

Braintree, Essex