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Welcome to Emotions Market—an exclusive classified ad board committed to uniting individuals with transformative, multisensory experiences that evoke a range of emotions. Positioned at the crossroads of Plutchik's wheel of emotions and the three laws of multisensory experiences by Velasco and Obrist, our platform is where skilled experience creators meticulously design and orchestrate immersive encounters to provide recipients with both emotional release and enrichment.

Drawing inspiration from Plutchik's wheel of emotions and guided by the principles outlined by Velasco and Obrist, our creators go above and beyond, crafting experiences that transcend the ordinary and have a profound impact on the emotional well-being of participants. These thoughtfully designed encounters serve as a unique source of emotional release and enrichment, fostering the preservation and enhancement of meaningful relationships.

At Emotions Market, we firmly believe in the transformative power of emotions, and our platform serves as a conduit for those in search of meaningful and impactful experiences. Join us on a journey to explore the vast spectrum of emotions through our carefully curated and diverse offerings.

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ULT – Universal Love Tarot

Tarot and Life Coaching

Window Light Healing
Business Name

Spiritual Counsellor and Holistic Healer based in London, specialising in a range of Holistic Healing modalities.

Divine Healing Master Key – Multidimensional healing, clearing layers of generational and past life trauma
EFT and Matrix Re-imprinting – Releasing stuck emotions and subconscious re-programming
Rahanni Celestial Healing – For opening the heart, and healing the inner child
Spiritual Counselling – Healing from childhood emotional neglect and the mother wound
Soul Plan reading – Discover your life purpose, and who you are at the deepest level
Atlantean Healing Paddles – Healing for the aura and physical health conditions
Soul Transformation Therapy – Getting to the core of your issues when you don't know what is holding you back