Vals visit from Tom

My brother Thomas aged 57 passed away on 21 October 2015 after having a bleed in his brain on the 19 Oct, He had surgery and we thought he would pull through.

Tom came to me on the 20 Oct about 11 am he was holding the hand of his grandson Josh aged 19 who passed away 17 weeks before due to Cystic Fibrosis.

They were smiling and I felt Tom wanted me to know he was okay, this upset me but also gave me a sense of peace.

I then went to the hospital knowing Tom had gone and it was only the machine keeping his body alive, Tom’s wife Pam and his daughters agreed to Toms wishes and allowed him to be an organ donator

His kindness saved the lives of 4 people and helped many others.

A few weeks ago my grandson Oliver aged 10 came to stay with me as he does every Wednesday, on this occasion, he lit my candles in the lounge while I was in the kitchen, I was not happy with him and when I asked why he had done it he said Uncle Tom wants to talk to you and he will do it through the candles.

On Saturday My sister Joan came to spend the day with me, she decided that she wanted to stay for the night, so a change of plans and we settled down to the evening.

I saw a shadow pass over the mirror above the fire, I then felt Tom was with us but didn’t know what to do or say till I remembered Oliver’s words from Wednesday.

I lit three candles two on the fireplace and one at the other side of the room.

I said to Tom if you are with us make the candles flicker, all three candles went crazy with the flames going around in circles then straight up, I then said we have two candles for yes on the fireplace and one for no at the other side of the room, make the yes candles flicker if you can the same thing happened but the one at the other side of the room was still.

Okay just so I know you can work the candles please make the no candle flicker; it went crazy.

Joan was in tears as was I, we told Tom how much we missed him and wished he could have stayed with us.

The candles danced and we smiled.

We started to ask Tom question that only needed a yes or no, he gave us the answers with the candles, this was so comforting to Joan and me. We spent the next two hours talking to our wonderful caring brother who we miss very much.

I don’t know if Tom will ever come back to us and do it again but we are so glad he could tell Oliver how he would do it and Oliver passed it on to me.

It was a lovely feeling being linked to him even though it was for a short time.

Author: luke