2020 Numerology ‘The Foundation Year’

Numerology the universal language

Having been tutored by the amazing Judith Seaman 3 years ago I am still wow’d at how Numerology works out to be so accurate! Grabbing my report out that was completed awhile ago, I read my 2019 forecast and it could not have been more accurate. Main life events predicted that had come true astonished me. One particular forecast was that during 2014-2017 my numbers predicted that I would care for a family member. In 2014 my brother had a brain haemorrhage and I had become his main carer for 3 years until he had recovered this was one of many forecasts that had been true. The report describes me as a unique individual. The report was 30+ pages and had 3 years forecast.
Numerology is used to calculate our life Path and can tell us information about ourselves by adding up numbers and translating them to their individual meaning. A numerologist will use your name from your birth certificate along with your date of birth and can you tell you your inner hopes and dreams, your quiet self, how you portray yourself to the world and what you have come to earth to learn along with any challenges and even karmic debts. Numerologists can use these numbers to give you a month by month forecast, it’s amazing how accurate it actually is
The Foundation Year – 2020
2+0+2+0 = 4 Universal year

This is the number for building foundations that will last a life time, of pure vision 20/20!!!
It is the year of ACCOMPLISHMENT making your dreams real, the number 4 represents order, stability, responsibility, family, home, work, peace, practical and physical reality, manifestation, the number 4 is the number of work and getting it done !!!! Invest your self in creating a foundation of success that is long lasting
So what are you waiting for …… Build them Foundations !!!

Tracey Matthewman
Author: Tracey Matthewman

Owner of UKSD