Never stop believing – Norma Bingley

I was blissfully unaware – 20 yrs ago I attended a self-hypnosis course at the local high school – I loved it. I asked how much it was to train as a therapist ?? £1500 What ?? No way could I afford that – it was a warm summer night in July – the sky was clear of clouds all the stars on display – I walked home looking up to the stars, striking up a conversation with Spirit, I reached out with my mind and said – if this is my destiny and you want me to do this course – you need to provide me with the money – 6 months later I won the lottery £27 thousand pounds – I paid for repairs to the house – gave the kids some money, had a lovely holiday, donated to a local charity and the money was almost gone- I woke up with a start one night, someone whispered in my ear – “did you forget what we gave you the money for??? “ I started looking for a course the next day Hypnotherapy training here I come – lots more magic happened before I got on that course. Far too much for me to write about here. My advice is dream big if it’s meant to be it will be- never stop believing

Author: luke