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What is a gong bath

What is a gong bath 

A gong bath is when you lie or sit down in a comfortable position and let the sounds and vibrations of the gongs bathe and wash over you (there is no water involved). Our bodies vibrate at various energetic frequencies and so the frequencies and vibrations of the gongs tune into our bodies to bring them back into a state of harmony. There is no set pattern and every gong session is different and feels different for the participant. The gong sounds stimulate a meditative state and the brainwaves then get chance to relax. As the sound is so abstract and unique the human mind is unable to associate it with anything familiar and so has to surrender and its in their state the brainwaves relax and the mind calms moving from Beta state (waking) to Delta or Theta (meditation). You don’t need to do anything but come in with an open mind. 

The effects of a gong bath may be Releasing stress and tension Increasing energy and vitality Strengthens the nervous and immune system Promotes an internal calm sense of peace and well-being Enhances awareness Relieves aches and pains Helps clear emotional and energetic blockages 

How does stress affect us? 

Stress plays a big role in our health. Cortisol is the main stress hormone and is considered to be one of the primary factors in the connection between stress and disease. In small amounts it is helpful (its our fight or flight hormone) large amounts of cortisol can slowly wear down our systems and cause problems down the line. When you are in a stressed state the energy is directed away from your immune, endocrine and reproductive systems and goes to areas the brain thinks more important at that moment in time. 

So, as energy is constantly being taken away from these systems, the body can become weaker and inflamed. 

If your cortisol is high you may feel Moodiness or depression A quickness to anger or rage Trouble winding down before bedtime or difficulty staying asleep High blood pressure or blood sugar (or both) Craving salty or scary foods Low Libido Memory lapses or attention deficit, especially under stress Constantly racing from one task to the next 

By allowing the body to relax the heart rate will slow, giving it a rest, blood pressure is reduced. The rate of breathing is reduced which reduces the need for oxygen. There is increased blood flow to the muscles, decreasing muscular tensions. Relaxation helps with more energy, better sleep, enhanced immunity, increased concentration therefore better problem solving capabilities. 

Everyones experience will differ but most people who experience the gong baths find that they usually have a really good nights sleep and that their spirits are lifted afterwards. 

Sessions are held regularly at Lotus Well-Being, 18A High Street, S63 7QG and Alison also takes the gongs out to private bookings and companies that want to look after the staff and their mental health. 

www.lotuswell-being.co.uk [email protected]

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Author: Tracey Matthewman

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