Glancing Back – Facing Forward

Holistic Therapist & Tutor – Lorraine Davis

People always say – ‘Don’t look back – you aren’t travelling that way’….

However, I think it’s a natural and therapeutic process to look back at our experiences – it helps us decide on our path onward – after all, we are the ones who make our own future aren’t we.  I’m sure that when we all look back on 2020, we shall think ‘What a year!!’  I am of the firm belief that in the future this year will feature in the history books.

2020 started with floods, and will end in the midst of a pandemic – it’s been a difficult time indeed, but what I take from this experience , is the way in which people have bonded together, have helped each other – and kept each other going.  Humans have a huge capacity for resilience and the ability to rise above pain and misfortune, and we have a natural desire to help others to survive too. We are a race of healers and survivors – and nature’s fabulous gifts can help us to help ourselves, and others, as we try to cope with everything we have to deal with.

I am a holistic therapist and use many tools to help people feel better.  When I was thinking about what to write – I thought ‘what would help everyone most’ – and I decided that looking at the natural healing gifts of essential oils would be perfect. Readily available, natural, beautiful, and at this time of year, what’s not to love –  these beautiful oils can help with so many of the issues we are dealing with right now !

At this time of year, many of us traditionally gather together, for Christmas, and New Year celebrations. We spend time in our homes, away from the coldness of Winter, and there is a feeling of ‘hibernation’.  We look back at our year – and forward with anticipation. We know this year will be different – we shall have the hibernation for sure – but not so much of the gathering together, and our anticipation will most probably not be fizzing with the usual excitement!

However, we are still able to find moments of joy and peace –and that’s what this season is about for so many of us – we just need to look for it a little differently.

It’s often the little things that keep us going –a kind deed, a good meal, a little gift, – simple pleasures, and essential oils, for me, embody this  – the  concept of ‘Hygge’ – the Danish idea of creating cosiness and contentment and embracing life’s simple pleasures.

So, here are some ideas for using aromatherapy oils to keep us all going!!

Coughs and colds….

At this time of year there are lots of coughs and colds around and the dreaded coronavirus too!! [Sorry, tried not to mention it!!!] Burning or diffusing Tea tree and Lemon oil is really useful to damp down the bugs – and helps to support our immune response so we can fight them off! You could also try Frankincense or Grapefruit.

If you are getting over a virus then using Mandarin oil is lovely to help you feel more like eating and getting up and about – it’s a lovely safe oil that you can diffuse in your room – and its divine with Sandalwood for helping you feel peaceful and more human!


Feeling down ?

So many of us have suffered with isolation and feelings of loneliness and many of us have lost loved ones – we often find it difficult to sleep too.  Essential oils have the ability to lift our mood – even for a short while and make us feel better and they can help us to rest more fully.

You can try using Lavender and Camomile in your diffuser or burner to help with this but, don’t leave it on in the bedroom while you sleep – and don’t leave candles unattended.

Rose, Melissa and Neroli are beautiful oils to help when you feel low , they uplift us and help us cope. Try putting a couple of drops on a cotton ball and putting it into a small bottle – you can take the cap off and have a sniff when it’s all getting a bit much!

Trying to get in the festive mood but not feeling it??

Frankincense and Myrrh are lovely on pine cones –  or you could try  a few drops of Mandarin and Frankincense– or some Jasmine or Ylang ylang into potpourri  that’s lost its mojo.

What about making some natural dried orange decorations studded with cloves and gorgeous ribbon to hang them up – and drop a couple of drops of sweet orange or mandarin into the middle of them – or you could try Cedarwood ….

Last but not least – try making a room spray with orange flower water, and a couple of drops each of Mandarin, Frankincense and Neroli – and spraying all around your room? – they make fantastic gifts too – [ shake well and avoid skin and eyes – will mark clothing and polished surfaces]

I hope you have a peaceful and happy festive season – wherever you are – keep safe and look after each other

Lorraine x

IMPORTANT: Remember to use oils safely – never use them neat on the skin, or take them internally. Always dilute them in a carrier oil – sunflower or grapeseed is good. Check for nut allergies if you are using nut oils like almond.

Remember not to diffuse for long periods, and not with pets and babies in the room.  If you are pregnant you should be careful when diffusing.  Use  just 2-3 drops of an oil – less is more.

Oils will stain clothing and spoil polished surfaces


5 tips :

1 – if you are finding it difficult to sleep – avoid screens in the evening, try to eat before 6 pm and enjoy a warm bath with a couple of drops of lavender  – mix with some full fat milk – don’t just shake on the surface of the water

2 – If you are feeling low, try and get some fresh air, even for a short time – take a walk with nature – or try burning some orange or lemon oil – it’s great for uplifting our mood

3 – if you have ‘zoom eyes’ – too much screen time causes tired eyes  – try taking regular breaks from the screen, avoid evening meetings if possible – and if you are struggling to focus on your work tasks – try burning some rosemary – this will help to focus your mind

4 – if you have a cold or flu, get plenty of rest and keep hydrated with pure water – try and eat small nutritious meals and try burning some tea tree or lemon

5 – if you are feeling isolated or depressed– make a phone call, tell someone how you feel, offer to help someone –and be kind to yourself



Author: luke