Amazing Frequencies, Find out About YOUR Energy Field
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Amazing Frequencies invites you to have your own deep dive into the world of frequencies, as part of your wellness journey. Using the Genius Biofeedback technology, you'll explore how your energy field is vibrating in all areas of your life – mind, body and spirit. It's a comprehensive and detailed tool which then enables your personalised frequencies to be create to restore you to balance and harmony. Amazing Frequencies also offers an imaginative and unique gift shop, imprinting frequencies to gemstone bracelets to raise their vibration even higher and offering an uplifting and informative (personally written) booklet to enable you to Get to Know your Healers and Helpers. Pets are not left out, they respond exceptionally well to Biofeedback frequencies and a lot can be learnt from their energy field. As well as using frequencies for cats, dogs and horses using Frequency Balancing, if you head over to the Gift Shop, there's a beautiful, informative keepsake to bring you your Pet's Frequency Analysis. Join Amazing Frequencies for an insight to your energetic self and that of your beloved pets.

Gamelan Crescent, Hoo
Rochester ME3 9FN
Jason Goldsworthy CSNU

I offer mediumship & psychic readings, workshops, courses and mentorships both in real live and online.

Baukamp 31
Lage 49828
Nicola Neal Evidential Spirit Medium

I connect with loved ones in the Spirit World to for the following purposes: to offer proof that life is eternal, to comfort the bereaved and provide upliftment.
Appointments are either over Zoom or face to face.
An appointment cost £50.00 and lasts 45 minutes in duration. Family appointments are available upon request.

Appointment Only

1 Batkin Close
Stoke on Trent ST6 6QL
Path Retreats
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Path Retreats is world renowned for delivering supportive, incredibly powerful, and revolutionary healing retreats and meditation workshops which change people’s lives forever. We offer retreats in 14 countries and in six languages!

St David's Court, Union Street,
Wolverhampton, West Midlands, United Kingdom WV1 3JE
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Street No.7
Hafizabad 52010