Manifesting Alchemy
Business Name

I'm a qualified Medical doctor. I also have a Doctorate in Naturopathic Medicine and other certifications in various natural healing and metaphysical wellness arts. I've been involved in transformational healing and wellness work for over 25 years. I practice "deep healing". A multi-modal, spirit-led, and nature-informed, healing approach. That supports your whole being to return to wholeness and sacred balance.

Because true healing only occurs when all facets of our being are healed. We'll co-create a sacred and safe healing space. Where I invite my full intention. and use a vast east-west healing toolkit, in our wellness relationship.
Modalities I use:

-Naturopathic medicine
-Metaphysical wellness-astrology, crystals, moon magick, spirituality, solar healing, earth based frequencies, sound healing, intention and mantra, esoteric self-care and healing practices e.t.c
-Slow lifestyle and intentional living
-Low toxic living, and detoxification
-Plant based, high frequency and vegan nutrition
-Bach flower remedies
-healing lifestyle and sacred healing space creation
-rewilding and ecotherapy modalities