Death, Sex, Control & Power!

Death, Sex, Control & Power!
The title of this blog sounds like a Netflix original in the making 😀
It is interesting that the above-mentioned themes typically play out in many dramas and series and much of this is connected to the shadow side of life because secretly (or not so secretly) we are fascinated by it!
So why am I addressing these topics?
Well, that’s because these energies belong to Scorpio and today (27th April 2021) we have this beauty above us: Pink Supermoon Full Moon in Scorpio!
I am no moon expert (there are plenty of awesome ones out there) but I do love talking about energy and symbolism and it just so happens that the moon and astrology are both rich in it. There are several reasons why this luminous beauty features in my coaching logo but I won’t go there now.
I am particularly connected to the energy of Scorpio and how it plays out in all of our lives, both psychologically and spiritually. I hope this piece will pose some interesting questions for you and concepts that you can apply to your own world and your personal transformation. It is relevant to all of us, to the collective psyche and the shadows in society and culture as well as within ourselves.
My sun sign (star sign) is Scorpio (snap if that is you too, let me know! Or maybe it’s your rising or moon sign?) and I have many placements in this sign which makes it the signature sign (dominant) of my birth chart. One of its ruling planets; Pluto, is also the dominant energy in my chart. It resonates with me on a deep level but it applies to all of us. We hold all the signs in our chart in various aspects, so you also have some Scorpionic energy within and around you and I hope to help you navigate it.
It’s really no surprise that my professional work is about transformation, the subconscious, the soul and personal power! These are themes that could come up for you more strongly at this time.
Soon we will get into the nitty-gritty and depths of Scorpionic energy, so have your metaphorical microscope at the ready for laser-like insight! Take a deep breath and put your big (unisex) pants on! Why?! Because with this energy, we are not afraid of the dark and what lurks in the shadows! That’s just one of the reasons the owl features in my logo too! Navigating the shadows is how we find the brightest light.
Before then, let’s take a look at the moon and what she brings for us.
Why a Pink Moon?
I am not sure if it looks pink (and I was asleep when she appeared!) but I have read that it is called pink because at this time of the year, a certain type of pink Native American flower comes into bloom.
Not being one to miss a synchronicity or the wonder of natural beauty and cycles, I am sure you can agree that we just can’t help but notice the immense cherry blossom that is brightening up our trees right now!
What is a Supermoon?
Think magnitude! The moon appears to be larger to us because she is in the part of her orbit where she is closer to the earth. So the significance being that this magnitude, this size, this luminosity is like a turbo-charged full moon if you like! A bigger, stronger energy.
What is a Full Moon?
This is the phase of the moon cycle where she appears at her fullest/most whole because the earth is directly in line between the sun and the moon so the entire circumference is illuminated.
Influence & Symbolism of the Moon:
The moon is connected to water and impacts tides with her gravitational forces.
We (our bodies) are also made up of approximately 70% water and so it would seem that the moon also influences us humans and animals. In the same way that sound waves permeate water/liquid ….and exactly why we can be moved (literally and figuratively) by music!
You will already know this, if you have had personal experience or if you work in certain fields where you notice people’s behavioural patterns or habits change significantly during a full moon. If you work with any kind of cycles (e.g crops etc) you may well be aware of this significance too.
Many people set intentions by the new moon energy and track them (and their energy) throughout the 28 day cycle and various astrological influences (she moves into a new sign every 2.5 days or so).
Since ancient times, there has long been a deep connection between the moon and emotions.
Water symbolically represents emotions, feelings, intuition, flow, sensitivity and psychic ability. Oceans are vast and unlimited, they represent depth, the subconscious and what lies beneath the surface. I would say the moon represents all of these things and more including cycles and illusion – where we might be kidding ourselves.
She is feminine energy especially in terms of reflection, introspection and rest. She illuminates the dark and is familiar with the shadows and the landscape of dreams. The moon is also representative of mother energy. The care-giver archetype. In fact, its positioning in your chart can be very revealing as to the type of relationship you have/had with your mother and what type of mothering qualities we develop.
The moon’s presence is a wonderful reminder that we need to be a really good mother to ourselves, she is connected to the moonchild sign of Cancer; think caring and nurturing.
When the moon is at her fullest, we can literally feel ‘full’ of emotion. Many people feel this energy and can feel particularly sensitive or emotional at this time. Think of her gravitational force bringing emotions to the surface (above the ocean so to speak).
Perhaps emotions that have been bubbling underneath in the sub-conscious are now rising up.
It is always worth remembering, we won’t be given anything we can’t handle and it is always for our highest good. If we can see it from this perspective, I find it helps us to grow and transform.
It is fairly common for sleep patterns to be disturbed during a full moon. I know so many people who speak of this. It makes sense metaphorically too….having a huge light shining on us in the dark wanting to unearth what lies beneath is enough to make anyone a tad restless! Just in case you were wondering, black-out blinds won’t deter the Scorpio supersleuth of a moon! Penetration is its A-game!
The moon in all her glory is said to be a very powerful time for lucid dreaming and dream analysis. I am a convert with this and I practise dream analysis regularly now. Initially I had no interest, I could never remember my dreams and I didn’t believe they would really help me in any way. I was wrong!
My experience has been both profound and subtle with the messages that dreams bring. I am tuned in and can honestly say that I have been guided to make empowered choices and gained a deeper understanding of myself.
The subconscious speaks to us through our dreams. It tends to also know what is best! And funnily enough, with the moon representing the mother archetype, oftentimes, she brings the medicine for the soul…it doesn’t always taste sweet and sometimes it means doing difficult things….but we know that she knows best and it will soothe us in the end.
Interested in exploring dreams for yourself? Keep a notebook and pen by your bed and as soon as you wake from a dream, make a note of what happened, all the details you can remember, it doesn’t matter if it makes no sense at all.
You have a far better chance of capturing the details when it is fresh in your mind, if you go back to sleep, you will likely forget. You can be your own BFG….but you don’t have to eat the snozcumbers!
If you don’t want to disturb anyone else in the house, my friend Tina suggests popping to the loo with your notebook (well I bet you didn’t imagine that you would be picking up bathroom tips in this blog, I didn’t realise I would be writing about it)!
You could use your phone to make notes electronically but I wouldn’t advise that as you may be tempted to check emails etc and then you will stimulate yourself fully awake! Imagine if you end up emailing details of your dream to someone in your dream…now that could be fairly embarrassing or utterly disastrous!!! Please do share if this has happened to you, I love a good laugh. 😉
If you don’t remember your dreams, put the intention out there that you would like to, before you go to sleep. We get what we focus on so be consistent and relaxed about it.
I have found that the language of dreams requires symbolic translation. The meanings are not often literal and even the people and characters in our dreams can relate to different aspects of our own psyche. Dreams are important for processing our emotions so notice how you feel in the dream at different stages.
There is so much that occurs under the moon’s watchful gaze in the night, precisely at the time when we tend to think that nothing is happening! There is a magical channel we can tap into here.
In terms of current universal energy and planetary action, you could well notice a theme of death and birth in your dreams, representing letting go, leaving baggage behind, moving away from what no longer serves us, making change and feeling empowered or maybe even a bit fearful (a normal reaction to change).
Any emotions from past situations and experiences that crop up could be an encouraging sign that you are ready to move on from this and bless and release whatever has been holding you back. This can be confusing if the ego starts panicking that we are reliving the past or haven’t moved on.
From this rather full and intense phase, the moon will naturally start to wane and decrease in size and the intensity dissipates. Phew! A great reminder for us (which nature expresses so well) that everything is temporary and occurs in cycles!
So then…what does Scorpio energy bring to this luanr party?! Well, well, well, this could be interesting!!
Imagine the old-fashioned stereotypical movie scene of a police interrogation, where the detective shines their lamp directly on the culprit, almost blinding them in the process!
It’s a bit like that! Think exposure! Nowhere to hide! We want the truth!
Now, I am being quite dramatic here and having a laugh, but I just wanted to give you the gist! And Scorpio is intense! Think of Scorpio as the detective energy….it is always looking at what lies beneath, what is happening on a deeper level. It gets underneath things, to the bottom of things, the heart and guts of the matter.
One of the aspects of this powerful moon is that the truth will be revealed. Many people are afraid of the truth – thank you Jack Nicholson for that fabulous quote in A Few Good Men; “you can’t handle the truth.”
It is amazing what lengths people go to in order to avoid the truth at times but I believe that the truth will set you free……or equally, it could put people in prison!!! Isn’t life full of these polarities!
There is soooo much to say about Scorpio energy, I won’t do it justice here but I will share what I consider to be practically and spiritually useful to you as I do love purpose! It may be lengthy and deep…..but that’s the energy! If you are prepared to engage, it will be insightful.
Transformation, Death & Re-birth:
What is no longer serving you? (relationships, behavioural patterns, habits, career)
What has become outdated for you? (beliefs, ways of thinking, activities)
What area of your life do you want to change?
And know that is it OK. If it doesn’t suit you, that’s a good enough reason.
The good news! Whenever there is a death of anything in our lives, a new beginning follows!
Bizarrely as I am typing this, I can hear Nick Cave crooning ‘just remember that death is not the end’ in my head. What a song, check it out! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9ecZJAHCpX0
Truth and Fear:
Know the truth of who you are, explore the shadow (hold a compassionate space for yourself when you do this or get support from a professional – that’s me btw)!
Return to wholeness, feel integrated and be reborn/transformed.
What do you find hard to accept about yourself or others (both angles teach us!) and what are you afraid of?
Where are you not being honest with yourself?
When are you wearing a mask to ‘protect/hide’ yourself?
How can you be more of your authentic self?
In a position of leadership, how do you use power responsibly and with integrity?
What area(s) of life do you want to feel more empowered in?
To whom and/or what are you losing your power/leaking your power currently?
E.g’s challenging relationships, boundary issues, negative self-talk/inner critic, negative thinking patterns, doubt, fear, perfectionism, control issues, impostor syndrome, victim stance, people pleasing, martyrdom, blame, resentment, unforgiveness etc.
Speaking of power, check out my next Personal Power workshop: https://www.trybooking.com/uk/BARN

What and who are you trying to control that is really, actually beyond your control?
Do you understand what is driving this tendency?
How can you support and empower yourself to change this energy leak and re-direct it?
What can you actually take control of?
How can you take responsibility for your finances?
What small steps will empower you in this area?
How connected are you to your partner? And how connected are you to yourself?
What can you do to improve things?
What space do you have to talk openly, honestly where you have the ability to be vulnerable without judgement? Perhaps with your friends, colleagues, a coach, a mentor, therapist, partner or family?
Inner Work and Intuition
What time are you allowing from introspection and reflection? To get to know your inner landscape?
This is POWER! Every change begins on the inside.
What are you doing to enable your journey of self-discovery?
I have workshops for this, see here: www.amandagreencoaching.co.uk/courses-for-transformation
How developed is your intuition and instinctual inner guidance and are you listening to it?
What practices do you have to develop this?
Such as meditation, journaling, art, tarot/oracle cards, yoga or any other spiritual practices.

What do you need to let go of?
Anything you can’t let go of has power over you!
There is great liberation and freedom in forgiveness but the ego tends to get in the way of this process big time! To clarify, when I say forgiveness, I mean it as the gift you give yourself, it has nothing to do with condoning someones behaviour or a situation.
I can help you on this journey with 121 work www.amandagreencoaching.co.uk

Laser like Focus and Drive:
Think ‘obsession.’ The shadow side of this clearly isn’t pretty so check yourself there, however the light side is dedication! It’s just important to be sure that we are dedicated to the right things and the right people.
Scorpio is fixed energy so ‘finishing’ energy, staying power, going the distance, commitment, intensity. Now whilst we don’t want anything to come at a cost to living a balanced life of course, there is a lot to be said for this level of determination.
What in your life requires finishing or bringing to a close?
This can be your version of it, doing it in a way that serves you is important.
What would you love to get boxed off or close the curtains on?
Make empowering decisions that serve you, rather than because you think you ‘should’ do something. See the bigger picture.
Where do you need to get committed and focused?
How will you become more dedicated to this?
What steps will you take?
Bite Your Tongue:
Scorpio energy is quick witted and intelligent.
If you are feeling a bit venomous or defensive under the pressure of the full moon, then your words may have the capacity to feel like whiplash to others or yourself (negative self-talk is extremely unhealthy and all too common).
Hold your tongue if you think you might say something you will regret and give yourself some space to work out what’s going on with you and your emotions. Do you need some love, some rest or to go do some kickboxing?!
Remember that mother moon energy and the old wisdom she can bring and finish this classic sentence….”If you don’t have something nice to say…………!”
As much as words have the power to annihilate, they also have the incredible power to heal. Speak your truth with compassion and kindness, it will help others and it will keep your karma in check too.
When the shi!t hits the fan, how can you power up?
How can you both honour your emotions (being intimate and deeply connected to yourself) and move into survivor mode rather than remain a victim?
It is understandable if you want to play some Destiny’s Child at this stage #justsayin.

Scorpion to Phoenix!
Finally, something else that may be of interest.
Scorpio energy represents transformation from the inside out. There are four stages of this journey, represented symbolically by the animal world. The journey from Scorpion to the Phoenix.
Maybe you can recognise what stage you have reached?
Scorpion (basic level, sting in its tail)! Dominated by the ego and little connection to the soul. Seeing everything as happening to us rather than for us. Connected to base level desires and defensive.
Snake: Begins to shed the old, to change shape, to release patterns and ways of thinking. Navigating the ground and preparing to take flight. Apparently not everything is deeply personal!
Eagle: Lion of the skies. Noble truth seer. A soul connection and higher perspective. Deep intuition. Soars above the old ways, takes a helicopter view and understands the concept of oneness, forgiveness, compassion and authentic power.
Phoenix: Rises from the ashes. The resurrection. Connected to mystical truths. Fully transformed. A high order indeed!
OK, I think that’s enough for now, I hope this has been an insightful, expansive and interesting experience with some food for thought.
One last nugget is that, interestingly Pluto (one of the ruling planets of Scorpio) has just gone retrograde until early October.
So it seems that the theme of transformation, death and re-birth and BIG change will be continuing for us with some strong supporting energy currently.
Pluto doesn’t just change things a little bit….Pluto energy can burn stuff down to the ground, it takes the foundations out so that the only choice is to rebuild!
This is a good thing though, because building on rocky ground or shaky foundations does not give us lasting and sustainable power to create something of meaning. Along this theme, some astrologers have said that we may see more seismic activity at this time!
You might begin noticing more of this occurring around you as the old ways of doing things start to die out and the new creeps in. We will see this in the medical field, in finances and currency, in politics, in our personal lives, in businesses and organisations and more.
Many of the changes we make and the shifts will be internal, from within our psyche which often includes a stripping of the ego (and healing of the wounded ego) which makes way for greater alignment with the soul, our purpose, our fulfilment, happiness and destiny.
This can change our lives for the better in so many ways. It is an exciting time and this experience can be as empowering as we decide it is going to be.
Whatever is going on in the cosmos is to guide us towards destiny (the new) and away from fate (the old rinse and repeat cycle). We always have a choice on how to navigate our life. Ultimately, it is down to us.
It’s time to let go of whatever holds us back. Time to lose the low-frequency emotions and operate on a new high frequency. You can do it!
Best of luck with your journey of personal leadership and transformation.
For support and empowerment in the area of transformation and navigation, please get in touch on [email protected] or 07789911174.
Good Vibes, Amanda G

Transfomation & Emotional Health Coach

Brilliant astrologers whose work I love: Robert O’Hotto, Pam Gregory, Bracha Goldsmith, Marguerite Manning, Jeffrey Green and Deva Green and Carolyne Faulkner.
Fabulous Astrologers in Lancashire and Cumbria respectively: Clarissa Jordan and Helyn Conner.

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