Christmas Spirit!

Minister of Spiritualism – Suzanne Gibson-Foy

What a bizarre year 2020 has been; the majority of people have been cooped up in their own homes for days on end, others have been working in unusual and stressful situations. While many would have loved the idea of a sabbatical, the reality of endless weeks at home on furlough with an uncertain future is not conducive to a restful time. On the upside, there has been more time for reflection, consideration of what is important, prioritisation of time and plans for the life that is desired. People who are usually very busy have had time to stand still and take stock.
Advice has been given to watch less News and do less on social media, ironically both of these things are about disconnecting from the drama of others. As Voltaire suggested ‘we must cultivate our own garden.’ If we wish to find peace, we must create it within and the creation of peace requires an amount of dedication and discipline.
We all have a spirit part of us, whether we acknowledge it or not. It is this part of us which endures and is eternal. This part of us is connected to God and is spirit, and it can inspire us and give us courage in times of difficulty. If we create the space to honour and nurture our spirit we can start to perceive our physical life from a different perspective.
Whatever your religion or belief, Christmas is a magical time which marks the end and the beginning of the cycle of death and rebirth. Christmas is the crossroads of life. The Christmas tree brings the outdoors in and signifies the importance of the natural order and reminds us of the solstice, a process for change, and twinkling lights and tinsel symbolises the magic of the light and rebirth.
By our very nature we are all eternal beings, our physical body is simply a vehicle for our spirit to both experience a material life, express itself and grow. The light resides within each of us and around all of us.


1) Have a structure to your day, every day, which includes a space for something spiritual:
Meditation, prayer, reading, anything which takes us out of concern for the physical world and into that of our spiritual nature.

2) Light a candle to welcome and honour the light within yourself:
A simple ritual of sitting with a lighted candle reminds us of the light coming into the world and the light which exists within each of us. As we connect to the part of us that is eternal so we gain the assurance that all is as it should be.

3) All things pass:
Nothing material lasts forever, everything has its seasons and cycles including our own lives. We cannot expect things to stay the same and nor should we, part of creating peace within ourselves is the acceptance of change.

4) Surrender to the power which is greater than yourself:
God, the Divine, the Great Spirit, whichever word or phrase you prefer to use, is part of us all. Living with a belief in something greater than oneself gives purpose, meaning and context to life. If we recognise that each of us contains a Spark of the Divine, we are able to begin to see the parts of our behaviour which reflect the divine and the parts that do not. We can take responsibilty for our actions, empower ourselves to change and begin to nurture and express the spirit within.

5) See the joy and beauty in the natural world and the creative force at play:
Whether it is by going for a walk and looking at the sky, the landscape and nature, watching animals and your pets, or the wonder of a new born child, allow yourself to be awed and touched by the presence of God.

Tracey Matthewman
Author: Tracey Matthewman

Owner of UKSD