There is a turning of the clock that now propels you forth into motion. So far you have observed, watched from afar, taken notes and perhaps been drawn back into the shadows. Your shadow.

Where you have been thrown back in time. To a place where you were abandoned, alone, rejected. For being different, for embracing the new, for speaking the truth, for having a voice.

All of those emotions, patterns and behaviours surfaced until you thought you could take no more. You have been purged, You have been cleansed.

Then you could only hear silence. The ticking of the clock, but neither moving forwards or backwards. Just stillness, quiet, where you have had time to reflect.

Speak with yourself whilst you can hear. To connect to your inner guidance, your higher self. For nuture, for nourishment, for encouragement.

A brand new you emerges like a new born baby. Everything seems so bright, so colourful, so shiny. You are learning to speak again in a new language. You are learning to walk again, taking your first tentative steps.

There is a new life stretching before you. Where before you had certainty based on what had been before. Now, in a new paradigm, on a New Earth everything is unfamiliar. Yet your soul knows exactly where you are going. Your connection to your blueprint now shows you the way. You have travelled far to get here guided by the stars and the galaxies.

You are a new leader emerging, a changemaker emerging. Flexing your spiritual muscles, getting used to living in a higher frequency, a new dimension. There are other people on the same journey. You begin to connect with them. You only need to be in their presence, to know you are connected. You are guiding and supporting each other. Building a community of belonging, of growing, of wonder, fascination and curiosity as to what is now possible.

There is an electric current through you charged by Mother Earth that ignites a spark. A spark of passion, confidence, purpose and potential. As a leader of the New Earth you will have new gifts to use, new gifts to explore. Dormant ways of being, doing and developing. All of these are emerging, ready for you to harness once more.

Seek counsel, ask questions, read knowledge, explore your wisdom. You find your wisdom in the words that you can now speak. In your new language, in your new understanding. In your values, your beliefs, your worth and intuition. Act from the heart, speak from the heart, speak the truth. Transform your wisdom into words, into action. Action that rapidly gains traction as time speeds up to aid the recovery, restoration and revitalisation of humanity.

You are needed now, humanity needs you now. You know who you are.

You are the leader and changemaker who will uplevel others. Raise their expectations, raise their standards, raise their frequency, raise their ability to sell-love, self-believe, self-connect and self-understand.

By getting to know yourself you pass on the connection. To bring people back to a sense of wholeness, completeness, To know joy, pleasure, multisensory experiences that immerse them in their own way of achieving success, abundance and their true potential.

It’s like stepping into a wonderland and not knowing which ride to go on first. Just join the queue, get a ticket and when you are at the front take a seat.

Buckle your seatbelt. You are in for a thrilling ride?

All channeled messages from my guides are published without alteration and are delivered as messages that you have been requested to hear. Their directness is intentional. Be aware of transformation, insight and direct action taken as a result!


Tracey Matthewman
Author: Tracey Matthewman

Owner of UKSD