Are you a Healer? Finding Quantum Breath Energy Healing

I have been a healer since I was a little girl, though I didn’t know it at the time. I was the one in the playground that the other kids came to when they were upset. I was the one who brought a smile to the faces of the elderly residents in the sheltered housing where we lived. I was the one bringing joy to my family when we went through an extremely challenging time of grief and trauma. I was the one trying to help injured wildlife or solemnly burying any beyond my help. Yet I moved through my childhood and early adult life not really knowing the impact of my positive thoughts and love for those around me.

It was Reiki that woke me up to my ‘hands’ and the power of loving intent. I arrived in a Reiki Master’s house in February 1995, led by curiosity and a hope that I could actually do this too. In truth I was rather skeptical that spending a few hours with an eccentric ex SAS officer in the centre of Leeds could actually open me up to the spiritual path that he had claimed it would!

Reiki was a catalyst for a whole new me. I was a primary school teacher at the time, I’d just completed my masters degree and was set for a career in education; then one Reiki attunement later I had the incredible realisation that I was a healer, past, present and future, this was my calling. Since that magical day I have honoured my healing path by being a conscientious student of all things connected with healing and I have spent thousands of hours offering energy healing to others. Healing work is my passion, my joy, my ‘thing’.

As my understanding of healing light developed my style of working with clients did too, I developed my own techniques and these were greatly influenced when I attended some Quantum-Touch Classes in the USA. In 2004 I became the first Quantum-Touch Instructor in Europe and loved working with this energy technique, sharing it extensively with fabulous results for a number of years.

My style of working with energy continued to evolve as I began to listen more and more to my own intuition. I use the breath as a ‘way in’ to connecting with higher wisdom and the ‘knowing’ that comes when I work with a client.  My work became very heart chakra focussed, the bridge between heaven and earth, and through very specific breathing and meditation techniques I found that the healing light in my hands expanded and was even more transformative. I worked a lot with emotional issues as well as physical and clients were able to release and remember; releasing pain, stress, resistance and remembering how to be free, in balance and ‘light’.

I named this healing technique Quantum Breath Energy Healing and got it accredited so I could teach it professionally. Experienced therapists have benefitted from adding Quantum Breath to their skills and complete beginner energy workers have also competently mastered these simple techniques to help themselves and others. I cannot imagine life without being able to connect to this light and utilise it throughout each day.

I run regular Quantum Breath live training classes, both online and at my centre on the North Yorkshire coast. I also offer free Zoom events where you can dip into some of the QB techniques and learn more about it’s potential.

So are you a healer? Do you already work with light? Yes you are a healer. Are you the person that people turn to when they need help or support? Yes you are a healer. Do you truly care for people and offer you love and best wishes to others? Yes you’re a healer.  Are you the person who always reaches out to help, to open the door, pick up something that has been dropped, smile at a stressed mum at the check out? Yes you are a healer.  Are you the person that makes positive comments on social media posts and shares uplifting ones yourself? Yes you are a healer.

There are a multitude of ways to shine our light, to share our love, to make a difference in the world. I’m so thankful that I found ‘my thing’ but I know that we can all be a positive influence to others in each day. We can all share kindness and love, we are all healers if we choose to be.


Author: luke