2021 numerology forecast

If you think staying up until midnight this New Year’s Eve will see the back of the chaos, think again!

Sadly most predictions for 2021 are trying to deliver a rosy outlook. We don’t agree and don’t want you to be fooled into believing that 2021 is going to be much better than 2020 was. If that is your thinking, you are in for a huge shock. Yes, there is always opportunity for creating success both personally and professionally during chaos, and yes our 2021 numerology forecast is quite negative, but we want to hopefully wake you up and prepare you for what is going to be a tremendously tumultuous year! In our human futurology research the indicators are that 2021 is going to be the year that brings the unexpected so it is in your best interests to get to grips with learning how to manage massive change at extreme speed. Making matters worse is that 2021 will deliver the negative global socio-economic aftermath of a Covid-19 ravaged 2020.

2021 [2021 = 2+0+2+1 = 5] is a No5 universal year [Read about the 2021 numerology predictions provided by 365 Pin Code Numerology Research Centre] which will have the emotional or shadow No4 in frame simultaneously [Read about the Putin-Russian-Threat 2021 shadow numerology forecast provided by Numerology UK]. People with the number 5 (especially those born on the 5th, 14th and 23rd) and shadow numerology number 4 presenting in their charts will be massively impacted by the events of 2021. 2021 has 2x2s, 1×1 and 1×0 into play. Number 2 is an emotionally charged energy it is the essence of femininity, a feeling number and Number 1, the essence of masculinity, is an air, logical energy. In numerology, zero only serves to amplify the characteristics of the numbers it is associated to.

In 2021 Judgement and The World come into the picture

Whereas 2020 was the emotional feminine energy (2x2s) massively amplified by the 2x0s, 2021 sees the double feminine (2x2s) and single masculine (1×1) collide. Global fireworks are guaranteed as these two essence energies clash and struggle for control. Number 20 is represented within the major arcana through Judgement and number 21 through The World. This year of global judgement will bring with it a lot of negative change and loss of personal freedom because we are in a dark cycle of 9 (this cycle started 2017 a No1 universal year and will only end in 2025 a No9 universal year). We will see people rebelling against the status quo, in fact we are seeing this already with the lockdown protests around the world. Next year much will reveal itself in terms of the dark controlling forces that will aggressively, ruthlessly, and cynically assert themselves over the entire world.

Table revealing No5 and No4 people points of numerology impact during 2021

Delving into our detailed 2021 numerology forecast


Meghan Markle and Prince Harry

Meghan Markle has a master number 22 life path and a number 5 shadow life path, both her life path numbers are in frame in 2021. In 2021 and 2022, Meghan Markle’s life path data reveals that she is steering into a karmic debt number 13 period. These are always hugely difficult years because karmic 13 (Death card major arcana) signals a time life path wise, when much goes wrong and usually on an epic scale. In 2023 she will experience a year of dramatic endings. We foresee major drama on a family front surfacing for her in 2021 as her karmic 13 annual experience number will pair with her number 8 personal year synchronising perfectly with her family or intimate number as she was born in August, the 8th month of the year. Her entrance into the royal family has created much chaos for others and in 2021 her karmic chickens will begin coming home to roost. It is going to get very difficult for her and with karmic 13 in frame, Meghan Markle’s glitzy duchess star is on the wane.

Greta Thunberg and 2021

Greta Thunberg has a number 5 world or career number, and her hidden passion number is also the No5. The No 5 challenges the status quo and seeks a life which provides as much personal freedom as possible. The 365 Pin Code life path experience modelling done on this climate activist, reveals that in 2021 and 2022 Greta has karmic debt number 16 in frame. This talks to deeply troubled relationships and a difficult emotional time which sees her trying to connect the dots, possibly even withdrawing from the public eye because she cannot cope. Career wise, 2021 sees the numbers 4 and 7 colliding in 2021, which spells disappointment for her career wise. Her 2023 is powered by karmic debt number 19 and karmic debt number 16 surfaces again as the force powering her 2024 and 2025. These years are coded to be calamitous years for her. Greta Thunberg’s numbers are simply awful from 2021 through to 2025.

Will World War 3 start in 2021?

In 2021 there is a strong possibility that the Balkan nations could come to the fore. BALKAN = 2+1+3+2+1+5 = 14//5. It synchronises perfectly with 2021 a number 5 universal year. The likelihood of something dramatic unfolding around the Balkan nations in 2021 is high. Russia has been itching to show her strength for some time, building up its military and getting much better training for its soldiers. They now rival the US in both sheer size and in training. Although the US has a larger military, most of it is scattered around the globe. As it standsRussia has military superiority over most of Europe, especially in the East.

The Balkan states are the object of Russian interest and NATO hysteria. They remain unaligned with either NATO or Russia, and are fair game for both parties. They hold strategic importance, giving the controller naval access to the Mediterranean Sea and land access to Europe and the Middle East. 2021 numerology forecast wise, if Russia is poised to invade the Balkan nations, it is likely to be in 2021 and could trigger WW3. 365 Pin Code’s life path research on Russian President Vladimir Putin reveals a worrying shadow event in his numerology during 2021. This event is linked with power, authority and the ‘control of others’. The European Union and America are in an socio and economically weakened state right now because of Covid-19, 2021 provide Russia and China with the ideal opportunity to make their move.

What do you need to know about Xi Jinping President of the People’s Republic of China?

2021 numerology forecast wise, the DOB of President Xi Jinping reveals much. He is born on the 15th of June 1953. 15th June = 15+6 = 21//3. 2021 is a number 8 (15+6+2021 = 2042 = 2+0+4+2 = 8) personal year for him (theme of his year will be power, control, results, authority, status etc.). Xi Jinping and Putin have the number 8 powerfully presenting in their 2021 numerology. This is a huge signal, during the number 8 personal year and when the No8 presents as a year’s dominant theme, the goals a person has been working towards, manifest into physical reality. Xi Jinping has a number 5 karmic lesson and this means that 2021, a No5 universal year, will synchronise with his karmic lesson and create circumstances around change, personal freedom, adrenaline and the 5 senses-driven human experience.

The No8 is also greatly in play in 2021 for our very own Boris Johnson, the UK Prime Minister

We now turn to home and focus on the numerology of Prime Minister Boris Johnson. Since 2019, Johnson has been in years driven by the powerful numerology sequence 17//8 and this persists through to the end of 2022. What is concerning is that in 2021 he has a double 8 convergence or duality happening at career level and this talks to his having to steer through extremely troubled waters around power, status, control, authority, leading others etc. His 2021 double 8 in the career shifts to a personal emotional double 8 in 2022 this is sure-fire evidence that from 2021 Boris is in deeply troubled waters that impact on him personally emotionally given his shadow No8 in the person. No Prime Minister ever has a plain sailing experience, but given his troubled numbers for 2021, this does not bode well for him, the Tories, or the UK as a whole (Chancellor Rishi Sunak’s numbers for 2021 also reveal what a nightmarish year it will be)! Is the nightmare that Johnson will have to navigate in 2021 created. by the Tories themselves, or from the outside (World War 3; Brexit; Collapse of the European Union etc.)!  Difficult to say, but one thing is for sure, he will be severely targeted from all sides. If he is to survive this, Boris will have to dramatically up his game and conjure up a few magnificent Churchillian moments, else he could well be ousted as PM in late 2022, early 2023.

Turning to the USA, what about Kamala Harris and 2021?

365 Pin Code published a series of articles on the US Elections they stated that in 2021 there is a most dramatic personal physical event that will happen to Donald Trump. They also went on to wonder whether the disastrous 4&7 combination for Trump is indicating that he might be assassinated or become incredibly ill? 2021 numerology forecast wise Kamala Harris who was born on the 20th of October 1964 has a life path number 5 synchronicity happening. In 2021, she is in a number 8 personal year with numerology sequence 21//3 defining the theme of her 2021 and 2022. 21//3 signals leadership (the 1 of 21//3) expressing itself through the feminine form (the 2 of 21//3) in an inspired and creative (the 3 of 21//3) way. Joe Biden however has a much less forgiving numerology sequence (22//4) powering his 2021 and 2022, with very troubled number combinations presenting both personally and professionally during 2021. From this we can say for certain that going into 2021 it is advantage Kamala Harris and not Joe Biden and that “the edge” she has over Biden intensifies into 2022.

Does this mean if Biden is inaugurated as the 46th President of the USA in January 2021, he will not go the distance? We see that it is highly unlikely that he will see out his term because in Kamala Harris’s life path modelled data, we see a dramatic new beginning happening for her in 2023 and this might well be signalling that by then, Biden has had to relinquish the presidential reigns to her. America today is more divided than ever before, the US economy has been massively weakened by Covid-19, and as a result of the tumultuous elections Americans are at each-others’ throats. Going into 2021, is the US finally ripe for a vicious onslaught from China and Russia? Nobody really knows but what is certain is that after this brutal and frankly disgraceful 2020 presidential election, the USA and all Americans have lost. Its enemies will be looking to capitalise on its misery.

Finances in a post 2020 Covid-19 world

Will there be money to be made during 2021? Of course, there will be! However, we view 2021 as worthy of being themed primarily around protecting your wealth rather than creating more wealth. Going into 2021, and should conflict in the Balkans, or elsewhere happen, what is your wealth protection strategy?

2021 and the “safe world” of having a job…

2020 saw job losses happening as a direct result of Covid-19. We see this trend of job losses continuing during 2021 and this will drive home how unrealistic the notion of “Get Your Dream Job” really is. Hardest hit during Covid-19 were entrepreneurial small business owners who really are the backbone of any economy. They who create jobs and not the corporate sector. In 2021 we are forecasting financial chaos and do not believe that a miracle vaccination for Covid-19 will suddenly restore life to how we knew it. We do not see a vaccine providing a sustainable solution to the fall-out from Covid-19 and believe that in 2021 people will have to adapt to getting on with life as best they can within the ridiculous restrictions that will still be imposed upon us by those who are in power.

People all around the world have had enough of the loss of personal freedom imposed by Governments and being constantly fed lies by the media, having manipulated data forced down their throats by Governments and teams of advisors, and they are primed to start rebelling against the system. 2021 numerology forecast wise we see the masses rising-up, rioting, and demonstrating against their untrustworthy rulers. The global financial disaster of 2020 will become reality during 2021 and so we expect people who are employed find their jobs under threat. The No5 energy of 2021 will bring into focus the importance of being self-sufficient. During 2021 we foresee a massive surge of awareness happening (this is fabulously positive!) around how important entrepreneurs and small businesses are because they are the people who understand what it takes to sustainably provide for themselves, something foreign to those who are used to the safety-and-security net provided by jobs.

Was 2020 just one massive lie sold to us by those who are driving The Great Reset?

Accepting social distancing (as in “Stay far away from me!”) as the new norm is the greatest social challenge which this Covid-19 disconnectedness has created. The more we embrace this the more every person becomes an island and, as has been proven, no person is an island, nor should they be. This appears to be a brilliantly devised divide and conquer strategy that has been forced upon us all at an individual level to get us all under control. Remember the number 5 of 2021 is the free thinking, challenging number, and we close out this article by stating that we look upon that has happened during 2020 around Covid-19 with extreme scepticism. We cannot but think that there is a much bigger and perhaps a little sinister picture (The Great Reset?) that is being forced upon us whilst we are kept distracted by this “nonsense pandemic.” Trust nothing news wise anymore because 99% (or more) of what we are being sold right now as being “the truth” is lies and the levels of propaganda that we are bombarded with daily have never been higher.

If you found this article interesting, then here is a link to 3 Top Numerology Blogs which will be posting more superbly researched information on global matters during 2021. If you want to really start thinking into new results during 2021 then Contact Us and let us unpack your entire numerology profile and model your life path to provide you with bespoke experiential data for bulls-eye current and future planning purposes. Having information like this to hand is so much more powerful than relying on the unseen forces like the overplayed and oversold Law of Attraction.

About Chris and Suzanne Styles

Chris and Suzanne Styles launched Numerology for Women and Numerology UK in 2020. Their return to the UK was delayed by the Covid-19 pandemic, and they will now be returning in 2021. Between them Chris and Suzanne have over 35 years of hands-on leadership, business, coaching, mentoring and success strategist experience gained from their senior leadership (Exco) positions within corporate businesses as well as their own entrepreneurial business ventures. They hosted South Africa’s first ever life and business success coaching talk show on Mix FM a leading South African community radio station. Their hundreds of information rich podcasts ably served leaders and entrepreneurs alike who desired to achieve much more and seamlessly so. Today they are specialist Human Futurologists who focus on helping clients create bespoke personal and professional success strategies. They do this through 365 Pin Code, a highly personalised data modelling experience which helps you to intelligently lift the lid on, and easily tap in to, your inner genius. This enlightening self-discovery process goes hand-in-hand with your building a personalised strategic risk-management framework which, helps you to understand what’s in the way as well as what’s on the way. Knowing this disables and mitigates those many “blind-spot-related” judgement errors which in the long run, cost you dearly.

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